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Total time: 15.00 hours

Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Mastering Redmine01/01/2016Andriy LesyukCorrectionChapter #8: Time TrackingUpdated introduction and topic names1.00
Mastering Redmine01/02/2016Andriy LesyukCorrectionChapter #8: Time TrackingDescribed Time tracking in Redmine1.00
Mastering Redmine01/03/2016Andriy LesyukCorrectionChapter #8: Time TrackingUpdated the Tracking time topic3.00
Mastering Redmine01/04/2016Andriy LesyukCorrectionChapter #8: Time TrackingDescribed where and how to check spent time2.00
Mastering Redmine01/05/2016Andriy LesyukCorrectionChapter #8: Time TrackingFinished chapter3.00
Mastering Redmine01/05/2016Andriy LesyukRewriteChapter #8: Time TrackingDescribed new elements in report UI2.00
Mastering Redmine04/12/2016Andriy LesyukRewriteChapter #8: Time TrackingUpdated the chapter for the rewrite phase2.00
Mastering Redmine01/17/2016Andriy LesyukCorrectionChapter #9: PersonalizationA sample time entry for My page1.00

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