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Redmine is a flexible project management web application.
Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is
cross-platform and cross-database.

First heading

  1. Chapter #1. Getting Familiar with Redmine
  2. Chapter #2. Installing Redmine
  3. Chapter #3. Configuring Redmine
  4. Chapter #4. Issue Tracking
  5. Chapter #5. Managing Projects
  6. Chapter #6. Text Formatting
  7. Chapter #7. Access Control and Workflow
  8. Chapter #8. Time Tracking
  9. Chapter #9. Personalization
  10. Chapter #10. Plugins and Themes
  11. Chapter #11. Customizing Redmine

Second heading

    def self.included(base)
        base.send(:include, InstanceMethods)
        base.class_eval do

            alias_method_chain :repository_field_tags, :add
            alias_method_chain :subversion_field_tags, :add
            alias_method_chain :mercurial_field_tags,  :add
            alias_method_chain :git_field_tags,        :add
            alias_method_chain :bazaar_field_tags,     :add

Third heading

Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 3
Row heading 1 ? ? ?
Row heading 2 ? ? ?
Row heading 3 ? ? ?

Fourth heading


Sample macro.
Displays a list of all available macros, including description if available.
Displays a list of child pages. With no argument, it displays the child pages of the current wiki page. Examples:

{{child_pages}} -- can be used from a wiki page only
{{child_pages(depth=2)}} -- display 2 levels nesting only
{{child_pages(Foo)}} -- lists all children of page Foo
{{child_pages(Foo, parent=1)}} -- same as above with a link to page Foo
Includes a wiki page. Examples:

{{include(projectname:Foo)}} -- to include a page of a specific project wiki
Inserts of collapsed block of text. Examples:

This is a block of text that is collapsed by default.
It can be expanded by clicking a link.

{{collapse(View details...)
With custom link text.
Displays a clickable thumbnail of an attached image. Examples:

{{thumbnail(image.png, size=300, title=Thumbnail)}} -- with custom title and size

Fifth heading

Initial message

Reply to initial message

Sixth heading
  1. The first item
    1. Nested item
      1. Next nesting level
  2. The second item

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